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AFLAC Unducked
Client: AFLAC
Brand: Business Insurance
Title: "Wedding Chapel"
Agency: Kaplan Thaler Group
In a sly turnabout, AFLAC gets its viewers to be the talking ducks in this spot set in a Las Vegas wedding chapel. The closing shots reveal that the duck is AWOL at a nearby casino watching Wayne Newton sing.

Twisted Eating
Client: Dannon Co.
Brand: Dannon Light N Fit
Title: "Yogurt Positions"
Agency: Y&R New York
Like a video Kama Sutra of yogurt-eating, this spot features a variety of contortionists sucking in the product from odd postures.

IKEA Dying
Client: IKEA
Brand: IKEA
Title: "Bored to Death"
Agency: Crispin Porter & Bogusky, Miami
Harnessing the concept of the living dead to sell sofas and chairs, IKEA shows us a couple who dig upward through their ceiling to discover that they have been living in a tomb of tatty furniture.

RV Fantasies
Client: Go RVing
Brand: RVs
Title: "Mother Nature"
Agency: Richards Group
It is amazing how, in the magical world of RV commercials, there are no traffic jams, no crowds and no campgrounds gone wild with off-road vehicles, barking dogs, screeching children and TVs blaring from fold-up tables.

Surprise Visitors
Client: Century 21
Brand: Real Estate Services
Title: "Bath Time"
Agency: Lowe, New York
Focusing on one of the most aggravating aspects of home selling -- sudden unexpected visits by prospective buyers -- Century 21 shifts its ads to embrace the daily woes of individual consumers, such as this poor woman.

Terrorism Ads
Client: Department of Homeland Security
Brand: Terrorism Readiness
Title: "Florida Families"
Agency: Martin Agency
Terrorism is like hurricanes in Florida and earthquakes in California --one of those things you need to be prepared for, says Homeland Security chief Tom Ridge in this new public service announcement. The spots suggest the U.S. population stock up on emergency supplies like canned food and flashlights. Probably ought to buy some stock in hardware store chains, too.

Apple's Midget & Giant
Client: Apple Computer
Brand: 17" and 12" Powerbooks
Title: "Big & Small"
Agency: TBWA/Chiat/Day, Los Angeles

Playing off their own dramatic size difference, Yao Ming and Vernon Troyer, a.k.a. Mini-me, demonstrate the big and little versions of Apple's latest G4 Powerbooks. This spot received the highest consumer recall score for the period of Feb. 3 to Feb. 16 in the bi-weekly Intermedia Advertising Group survey.

Shoe Love
Client: Air Jordan
Brand: Air Jordan XVIII
Title: "MJ's Love"
Agency: Wieden & Kennedy
What is love? Michael Jordan asks. Love is playing every game as if it's your last, he explains as he shows us the shoes.

Make-Believe President
Brand: Anti-war
Title: "Sheen"
Agency: Zimmerman & Markman
The controversial commercial in which make-believe president Martin Sheen speaks out against the war policies of real President George Bush has been refused for airing by cable networks.

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