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Dominick's Finer Foods: "Mazorca"

San Jose & Associates, Chicago

Art Director: Yadira Martinez

Copywriter: Eduardo Tua

Though it loses a lot in translation, the image of the smiling corn-on-the-cob draws a chuckle from everyone, Spanish-speaking or not.

The supermarket chain's ad commemorating Cinco de Mayo displays a simple message aimed clearly at its Mexican-American clientele. Its spare copy has a decidedly Mexican inflection to it.

"It is an honor for us to celebrate Mexico's Independence Day. That is why, when you visit, we will welcome you with a huge smile and, of course, with much freshness," says the ad.

The headline is a bit too idiomatic -- it literally means "A good day to show off your corn cob" -- but the image makes the expression understandable to any Spanish speaker.

Judges were impressed by the clever simplicity of the ad, which makes good use of the newspaper page without swamping it with copy or useless graphics. It is proof, once again, that a good idea is worth a thousand words.

Honorable Mention

Florida Department of Health: "Smoking Baby"

Muse Cordero Chen & Partners, Los Angeles

Creative Director: Wilky Lau

Art Director: Fonz Covarrubias

Copywriter: Chase Connerly

Photographer: Anthony Nex

An adorable moppet sits on her high chair, still in her jammies, holding a smoldering cigarette between her tiny fingers.

"If you smoke in front of your children, you have children who smoke," says the copy, boxed like the Surgeon General's warning on cigarette packages.

The print ad doesn't need to say much more. It hits two topics: second-hand smoke and parental influence in forming smoking habits. It also hits your

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