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And Other Current TV Commercials of Note

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Size Matters
Marketer: Carl's Jr. Restaurants
Brand: Carl's Jr.
Title: "Size Matters"
Agency: Mendelsohn/Zien

Using a double entendre penis joke, Carl's Jr. manages to get Washington heavies including President Bush, Vice President Dick Cheney and Sen. John Kerry into its hamburger commercial. The burgers may be in good taste but the ad certainly is not.

Visa's Shoe Kisser
Marketer: Visa
Brand: Visa, NFL, Nike
Title: "Shoe Kisser"
Agency: BBDO, New York

Carolina Panthers' defensive lineman Brentson Buckner has the rather odd pre-game good-luck habit of kissing his game shoes -- once for each member of his family. Now, this personal idiosyncrasy has become fodder for a new ad that promotes Visa, the NFL and Nike. In fact, the Nike Swoosh gets better camera position in the spot than Buckner does.

Jumpsuit Taste Bud
Marketer: Zaxby's
Brand: Zaxby's Chicken
Title: "Pencil"
Agency: St. John & Partners, Jacksonville, Fla.

Zaxby's is a 15-year-old fast-food chicken chain with 175 outlets in southeastern states and a menu heavy on fried and grilled chicken sandwiches and salads. It also makes a point of being a fun and slightly wacky place to visit. Thus, it is no great surprise that its new spokesman is a taste bud in a pink suit. But then, what other color would a taste bud wear?

iPod Rock
Marketer: Apple
Brand: iPod
Title: "Stereo Rock"
Agency: TBWA/Chiat/Day

What, you say, ANOTHER iPod silhouette spot? Didn't we just do one LAST week? Well, yes, but these are really great ads and every member of the 'TV Spots of the Week' staff is an insufferable iPod geek.

Ameritrade's Digital Life
Marketer: Ameritrade
Brand: Ameritrade
Title: "Digital Life"
Agency: OgilvyOne, New York

Cranking up a new ad campaign against archrivals Charles Schwab and E-Trade, Ameritrade gives us a spot that is as much about the house of the future as it is about online stock trading.

Struggling Addict
Marketer: American Legacy Foundation
Brand: Anti-Smoking
Title: "Last One"
Agency: GSD&M, Austin

Applying the reality-show model to its anti-smoking campaign, the American Legacy Foundation offers this gritty documentary of one African-American woman's struggle to kick her addiction. The TV spots drive viewers to, where all mini-episodes can be watched online.

Lighting Up the World
Marketer: Gillette/Oral-B
Brand: Oral-B/Rembrandt Whitening Strips
Title: "Light Up the World"
Agency: BBDO, New York

Smiling ever more broadly at the teeth-whitening craze, Oral-B and its recently acquired Rembrandt brand have teamed up to promote a product that this spot suggests can light up the world.

TGIF Affair
Marketer: TGIF
Brand: TGIF
Title: "Family Affair"
Agency: Deutsch

A surprised husband sees his wife across the room in a crowded TGIF restaurant. Suddenly his mother-in-law and children appear at another table. All family members have sneaked off to the same restaurant.

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