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The vote was close, but in the end a thin margin of Ad Age readers felt that Conde Nast is making a smart move in launching a new business magazine and Web site.

"With Alan Greenspan stepping down, captains of industry getting sent to the can and the real estate bubble about to burst-can you think of a more exciting time to launch a business title? " wrote Allison Hemming, who identifies herself as "Top Gun" at New York-based The Hired Guns. "The business world definitely needs the sexiness of a Vanity Fair-esque title-and who better to pull it off than Conde Nast!"

Another vote of confidence came from Elizabeth Forber, management director, JWT, New York. "Their knowledge of women will bring a fresh and modern perspective on business pubs that have been traditionally targeted to men." Kevin Wires, senior project manager, Avenue A Razorfish, Austin, said, "This business publication could be a strong success if it shines a critical and analytical light on the current state of business issues."

Elaine Parkerson, president, Primary Insights, Lisle, Ill., is concerned there is already too much to read. "It is difficult for me to imagine Conde Nast will be able to position these products to be added to what I already struggle to finish." And then there's the question of whether there is enough ad support to go around.

Bill Kopco, online strategy manager at MBNA, Wilmington, Del., said that "There is already a glut of viable media outlets that are struggling to get their rightful share of the media dollars."

Jonathan Meigs, president, Meigs Media Group, Millbrook, N.Y., felt Conde Nast "should do very well in the business travel, personal finance, automotive and high-tech ad categories," providing they don't "try to convert a Vogue person into a business person-it just can't be done!"

"They might succeed if they are willing to embrace the newest of all new media, blogging and podcasting, both of which are turning conventional media and broadcasting on their respective ears," said James Wilson, publisher, "These are treacherous waters. Yet on the other shore is a brave new world. "

And then there are true believers. "They know what they're doing," said Tom Messner, partner, Euro RSCG, New York. "They hired Joanne Lipman."

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52% of voters believe that Condé Nast’s decision to launch a business magazine and Web site is a wise one. The remaining 48% of the 1,295 voters to the print and online poll felt the company was making a mistake, for reasons ranging from an already saturated market for business titles and too few ads to go around. Readers were also torn on whether Condé’s fashion experience brings a welcome voice to the category or a dissonant one.

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