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Mike McAlary jumping back from the New York Post to the Daily News as star columnist?

Richard Knepler, who had been an ad rep for five airline magazines, joined Nation's Business as Chicago ad manager.

Scott Sheppard promoted Kevin Lynch to ad director of Southern Living magazine in Birmingham, Ala. He joined the publication 11 years ago as an ad rep. He'll remain New York-based.

Bloomingdale's, the big Manhattan store, and Elle magazine jointly hosted a fashion show and party last Thursday premiering a new Ralph Lauren line, this one called simply "Ralph."

John Riggins, the great running back (and pal of Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor) was up in New York recently from his sports radio gig in Washington, and made a cameo appearance at the bar of Wollensky's Grill. Fascinating guy, full of marvelous anecdotes.

Give me a break! Following a Gael Greene New York Magazine cover story tribute to the steak, a reader writes warning steak is "shown to cause cancer, birth defects, miscarriages, and chronic bronchitis and give rise to disease-resistant strains of a wide range of bacteria." I'll take mine rare.

Tomorrow evening at Lincoln Center in New York writer Susan Sontag gets the third annual Montblanc de la Culture award from the fountain pen folks. They'll cite her "efforts to help war-torn Sarajevo."

Jessica Cates is the new communications manager for Hachette Filipacchi magazines. She'd been doing promotion for Vanity Fair.

The International Radio & Television Society appointed Joyce M. Tudryn its executive director.

A recent New York Times ad column about marketing booze quoted Ben Stone of Schieffelin & Somerset as saying, "J&B hired beautiful women to pull up in limousines at `21' and turn on their heels and walk out if there wasn't any J&B ..." Nice story. But in those days of which Mr. Stone speaks, an unaccompanied woman couldn't get in the bar of "21," unless she was known, much less belly up and order a scotch.

Redbook has a sprightly new L.A. sales manager named Jane Dalea-Kahn. She'd been with Buzz.

If you fought on Guam, which was liberated from the Japanese in July of 1944, there's a big reunion planned with invites from Gov. Joseph F. Ada. For details, Third Marine Division men and others contact Col. Warren Wiedhahn, USMC (ret.) at P.O. Box 1179, Alexandria, Va. 22313-1179.

Paul Newman and sidekick Ed Hotchner, with the assistance of Gen. Schwarzkopf, break ground for yet another Hole in the Wall Gang Camp in Florida this coming Friday. Their camps, financed by Newman's Own food products, host sick kids and do a fine job.

Speaking of which, Gourmet magazine is back taking kids from Harlem to Knick and Ranger games at Madison Square Garden. Next outing, March 15 for the Knicks vs. Indiana.

Doug Crichton's moved in as an editor of Cooking Light, the hot magazine based in Birmingham. He's been at American Way, the American Airlines book, and previously with Associated Press.

Arnold Huberman cries for help! The Manhattan executive search and management firm (51 E. 25th St.) that works for The New Yorker, NBC, Harvard Medical School and more, is looking for an associate with people and PR skills, who'll be taught recruiting. Contact Arnold, not me.

Shades of Bill Hurt in "Broadcast News." Over at WABC-TV's 6 o'clock news the other evening anchorman Harry Martin reported on an incident in London near "the Thames River," pronouncing Thames as rhyming with "James." Anchorwoman Sarah Wallace, in some distress, murmured, helpfully, "tems ... tems." But it was too late. Where do they find these people?

The NAM and Chamber of Commerce oppose the Clinton health plan? You're kidding!

Excellent names dept.: Texas Judge John F. Onion Jr.

Roby Sobieski, billed last year on "Entertainment Tonight" as "the kindergarten supermodel" after appearing all over store displays and ads for The Gap and in a TV Guide commercial, is baaacckkk. Now all of 5, the lad is being featured in his fifth poster for The Gap. I believe Roby starts Harvard in September.

Surely David Schneiderman knows best, but isn't Joe Conason, now with the New York Observer, tailormade as new editor of the Village Voice?

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