Social Network Says Julie Roehm's Headed to Manhattan

Ousted Wal-Mart Exec's LinkedIn Profile Details Plans With Sean Womack

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NEW YORK ( -- Is Unruly Julie coming to New York? Her social-networking page says she is.

Ousted Wal-Mart marketing exec Julie Roehm has recently considered creating a company with Sean Womack, another Wal-Mart executive who was fired at the same time she was.

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Company plans
Julie Roehm, the Wal-Mart marketing executive whose dismissal last week marked one of the biggest scandals to rock the ad world, has recently considered creating a company with former colleague Sean Womack in the New York area, according to profiles created by the duo on LinkedIn, a social network for business people. On their sites, the two describe themselves as founder-partners of a company called Delta, described as a "new-model company founded by two change agents committed to solving the toughest marketing challenges in unexpected ways."

Roehm comments
In a phone interview, Ms. Roehm said there's no company in the works. She said she chose the word Delta as a placeholder "because it's a symbol for change" and New York as a location because it's where many marketing and media opportunities are. She added that the likelihood of her starting a business with Mr. Womack is "very remote."

"We're looking at other opportunities," she said. "There's nothing official."

LinkedIn is like MySpace for the business-school set. Instead of bad poetry, friend lists and beer-pong photos, users post resumes, resumes, and, uh, resumes. Like other social networks, however, it does feature testimonials. Ms. Roehm's profile has one shout-out from Mr. Womack. It goes: "Julie is a rock star. She is a change agent with a vision for the industry. It is rare to be one of these, let alone both."

Dismissed together
The dismissal of Ms. Roehm, former senior VP-marketing communications at Wal-Mart, and Mr. Womack, VP-communications architecture, and the retailer's decision to fire DraftFCB, the agency she hired during her one-year tenure at the retailer, has given Madison Avenue its biggest scandal in recent memory. Consequently, the subject of where she'll end up is being talked about up and down Madison Avenue.

Wal-Mart hasn't released much information about why the pair was fired, but executives familiar with the company say it has to do with Ms. Roehm violating company policy during its recent account review as well as an "improper relationship" with Mr. Womack. Both Ms. Roehm and Mr. Womack have denied that. Both are said to have put their homes in the Bentonville, Ark., area on the market.

"I've been meeting with people who've reached out to me and there have been a bunch of them," she said.
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