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Saved By a Thin Camera
Marketer: Sony
Brand: Sony Cyber Shot
Title: "Secret Agent"
Agency: Dentsu Latin America, Sao Paulo, Brazil

A great new ad from Brazil promotes the benefits of the ultrathin Sony Cyber Shot digital camera. After photographing the secret papers in a car, an agent is chased by security agents. But his camera is thin enough to be conveniently disposed of in a surprisingly effective manner, so when the goons finally grab him, he's clean.

Eating the Pringles' Can
Marketer: Procter & Gamble
Brand: Pringles
Title: "Can"
Agency: Grey Worldwide

The issue of taste has been a big one for P&G's Pringles since Frito-Lay's competing Stax hit the market and began advertising that Americans prefer the taste of Stax to Pringles. This latest ad features a Pringles-loving consumer who conducts his own oddball comparison test by taking a bite of the cardboard canister.

Black Cow Milk Shake
Marketer: Hardee's Restaurants
Brand: Hardee's Milk Shakes
Title: "Cow Shake"
Agency: Mendelsohn/Zien

Think of it as a different take on the concept of a 'Black Cow.' To emphasize that its new milkshakes are made with real milk and ice cream, Hardee's gives us a man shaking a cow. Milk shakes hardly get fresher than that.

Hatchet-Wielding Fiend
Marketer: Library of Congress
Brand: Library of Congress
Title: "LOC Hatchet"
Agency: Geppetto Group, New York

Not exactly what one expects in an ad for government agency services: This spot for the Library of Congress begins with a couple on lover's lane who appear to be under attack by a hatchet-wielding fiend. But wait! That's not a fiend, it's George Washington coming to tell them what fun it can be to surf the Library of Congress online.

Cingular Ad to Silence Cell Phones
Marketer: Cingular
Brand: Cingular
Title: "Disk"
Agency: BBDO, Atlanta

Cleverly doing the unexpected, Cingular produced this in-theater ad to ask patrons to turn off their cell phones even as it promoted its own cell phones.

Not Really Actor's Studio
Marketer: DC Shoes
Brand: DC Shoes
Title: "Drydek"
Agency: 72 and Sunny, Los Angeles

Ohio skateboarding star and product endorser Rob Drydek has such a thing about skateboarders being chased from public parks that he used some of his profits to build a faux public park for boarding geeks in his hometown. As part of his current promotion for Quicksilver's DC shoes, he appears in this ad staged as a faux 'Inside the Actor's Studio' interview with James Lipton. This guy is clearly not a reality buff.

Art of the Heist
Marketer: Audi of America
Brand: Audi A3
Title: "Stolen Car"
Agency: McKinney & Silver, Raleigh, N.C.

Part of Audi's elaborate Web-based, fictional 'The Art of the Heist' promotion, this spot set the scene for what appears to have been a very effective online automotive advertainment. Audi reports that the 'Heist' Web site pulled 1.4 million unique visitors in a month -- the highest online traffic in the company's history. See the rest of it at

One of a Kind
Marketer: Nike
Brand: Converse Sneakers
Title: "Future Originals"
Agency: Butler, Shine & Stern

Making the point that future originals wear Converse original sneakers is this spot celebrating the colorfully eclectic talents of young performers.

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