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In appealing to testosterone-crazed boys, "we had to walk a fine line between hostility and simple aggression," says Cliff Freeman & Partners creative director Arthur Bijur, describing a campaign for Sony's Image Soft videogames.

Directed by Charles Wittenmeier of Harmony Pictures, two hilarious spots show what happens when youths relieve their angst through videogames. In one spot, a young grocery clerk is in the bathroom when his ornery boss barges in and orders him to uncrate the carrots. Suddenly a blue tint flashes over the teen's face and he imagines himself an animated figure, fighting his way through a "Dracula" video-game. Cut back to the store, and the clerk is poised over his sleeping boss holding a carrot for a stake and a squash for a hammer, screeching idiotically as he mimics the soundtrack to the shower scene in "Psycho."

In another spot, a boy is forced to talk to his aunts at a family party. "Here, eat a roll," rasps one hag as she shoves a hunk of bread toward him. Suddenly he sees himself as Sly Stallone from the "Cliffhanger" game. Next scene he's dressed like Tarzan swinging from a chandelier.

"We tried to identify with the game player rather than talking to them," explains AD John Leu, who worked with CW Jeff Watzman and producer Anne Kurtzman. Ian Mackenzie at Ian Mackenzie Editorial in New York edited the campaign.

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