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Peter Chernin, News Corp.'s chief operating officer, at the Credit Suisse First Boston Media Week Conference:

"We are pretty simple company. We are trying to make content and then we want to be able to get it into viewers' homes ... without gatekeepers, without intermediaries."

The single biggest trend was the growth of broadband and that bodes well for content companies such as his. Driving more people to that content was the fuel behind the major Internet spending spree the company embarked on earlier this year.

"It was revealing the content on which we spent billions was being showcased on those portals and Fox or News Corp. was getting no money for that. So we thought we better find a way to monetize that across new mediums and not let others take that money."

Jonathan Rosenberg, Google's VP-product management, at UBS Global Media Conference:

Our philosophy is "no constraints. We build the right user experience first, and monetize later."

George Bodenheimer, who shares the titles of co-chairman of Disney's media networks and president of ESPN and ABC Sports, at the UBS Annual Global Media Conference:

"We're no longer in the TV business; [we're] a multimedia sports and entertainment company."

ESPN Mobile is the "best invention in the history of the world. Ever."

"Mobile is a big part of our future" in large part because it allows ESPN to have a direct relationship with consumers. The service is set for a Super Bowl launch with "one of our most ambitious marketing endeavors to date."

Contributing: Abbey Klassen, Kris Oser

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