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Spanglish Big Macs
Client: McDonald's
Brand: Big Mac
Title: "Big Mac Beats"
Agency: Del Rivero Messianu DDB

Joining the new trend of addressing young urban Hispanics in the mixed-language dialect they actually speak, McDonald's promotes its Big Mac in Spanglish. Read latest story about Spanglish marketing

Sprinkled Mudd
Client: Mudd Jeans Inc.
Brand: Mudd Jeans
Title: "The Mist"
Agency: GabrielNYC

Mudd jeans are best known for the fact that Britney Spears wore them because she actually liked them rather than because she was receiving a free product placement. The jeans company, whose previous ads have focused on zany fun, remains on course with this latest spot about dancing through the spray of a lawn sprinkler.

Client: Kids Foot Locker/Reebok
Brand: Reebok Classic
Title: "Bling"
Agency: The Geppetto Group, New York

Imagine a shoe so bright it casts a laserlike beam of light that zigzags from shiny thing to shiny thing across the urban landscape -- including sweaty bald heads and dog collar tags. Enter, the white hot Reebok Classic.

Drinking With Lobsters
Client: Diageo
Brand: Gordon's Gin
Title: "H2O"
Agency: Bartle Bogle Hegarty

Moving across a tableau of scenes in which indivduals go to extreme measures to soak themselves with water, including dunking their heads in lobster tanks, the camera finally comes to stop on a quiet man being ogled incredulously by wet friends. He is drinking Gordon's and is refreshed, yet dry, the tagline tells us.

Love Handles
Client: HoMedics
Brand: Bathroom scale
Title: "Love Handles"
Agency: Copper, Kalamazoo, Mich.

This spot is designed to quickly suggest what a less-than-svelte consumer should buy to mitigate love handles.

Catfight at Meet Market
Title: "Compliments"
Agency: Bartle Bogle Hegarty

This is a wonderfully catty skirmish between two women's photos that come to life on a page. Both are, of course, competing for the same men who are browsing the famed online meat market.

Nose Pencils
Client: Meijer
Brand: Back-to-School Supplies
Title: "Pencils"
Agency: Devito/Verdi

Using the old grammer school pencils-in-the-nose trick, supercenter retailer Meijer makes the point of why parents shouldn't spend a lot on school supplies. The company markets food and general merchandise throughout Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio and Kentucky.

Subway Brothers
Client: Subway
Brand: Subway Sandwiches
Title: "Story"
Agency: McCarthy Mambro Bertino, Boston

Viewers love the brothers Sherman and Herman, who lost 100 pounds each by eating only Subway low-fat turkey sandwiches for seven months. This spot received the highest consumer recall score for the period of July 21 to Aug. 3 in the bi-weekly Intermedia Advertising Group survey.

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