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I agree completely with James Brady and Rance Crain. Baseball was once, indeed, a "grand game" and the only way to show both owners and players the depth of public resentment is to boycott the sport for a day this summer. Better yet, for the season.

While the public is busy dropping its tickets in the garbage, two other groups should seriously consider organizing their own boycott-advertisers and sports marketers. Lest owners and players forget, ticket sales are only a minor source of revenues. The foundation of the owners' take and the players' salaries lay in lucrative television contracts. Those contracts are driven by sports marketing and advertising dollars being dedicated to Major League Baseball. Those dollars are expended to influence consumers-baseball fans.

If fans and sports marketers align to put a sizable crack in this foundation, the infrastructure of baseball will crumble. That means no more sponsorships. No more advertising packages. No more multi-year network television pacts. No more owner revenues. No more lucrative player contracts.

No more baseball.

Sorry, Big Hurt. Tough luck, Griffey Jr. Them's the breaks, Tribune Co. Let the words of Mr. Brady become the public's war cry: "The hell with baseball."

Mark P. Nugent


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