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Brazil's marketers started celebrating the country's sixth World Cup victory before the month-long tournament even began

[new york] No one does the World Cup like Brazil. And confident that Brazil will soon win its sixth World Cup, one local beer maker is producing ads that ask fans to root for little-known Ivory Coast, too.

"Nova Schin is so sure Brazil will be the champion that we decided to choose second place for the Ivory Coast," said Atila Francutti, founder of La Famiglia, Sao Paulo.

Brazilians can buy a Volkswagen World Cup car, called the Gol Copa, and special Ferrero Tic Tac candy in the green and yellow colors of the Brazilian team. Brahma beer is selling a special World Cup championship brew made to a German recipe. If Brazil is knocked out of the World Cup, Brahma Bier will be withdrawn, but it's pretty clear Brahma isn't expecting a recall.

Marketers are using the Brazilian playfulness that makes the country's advertising and soccer so engaging. And just for fun, they're annoying long-time rival Argentina. In a spot by Sao Paulo agency Duda Propoganda, Argentina's own soccer idol, Diego Maradona, dreams he is on the Brazilian team. He wakes up, startled, and attributes his dream to the power of Guarana Antarctica, a local soft drink and sponsor of Brazil's World Cup team.

Another soccer star, Brazil's Ronaldo, is working overtime for Brahma beer. In one spot by Africa, Sao Paulo, he plays soccer with a bull in a bullfighting ring, and he opens a bottle of beer on the animal's horns. In the latest ad, Ronaldo kicks a soccer ball which lifts off toward a star in the sky-the sixth star, representing all Brazil's hopes and dreams.
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