Star Alliance's $60 million global campaign takes off

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The Star Alliance network of airlines launches a $60 million global campaign today that includes TV for the first time.

Until now, the group led by United Airlines and Lufthansa relied on print ads in high-end business publications. TV spots from Y&R Advertising, New York, portray the alliance as a growing network with seamless service.

"The largest airline on earth isn't an airline," voice-over says in one ad. "It's 14 airlines -- make that 15 airlines -- working together to make international travel easier."

Star expands to 15 members when Mexicana joins in July.

Other spots tout the 815 destinations to which the alliance flies and how top-class status with one airline is transferable to another.

In one humorous spot, a businessman enjoys his journey but leaves his baggage at the curb when he gets into a taxi at the airport. "Fly with the Star Alliance network and you fly like a star," voice-over says. "If only the rest of your trip could be so easy."

TV spots targeting business travelers will run on cable in the U.S. Overseas, the spots will appear on CNN and CNBC as well as EuroSport.

"We're trying to surround the business traveler in their environment," said Louise McKenven, director of the Star Alliance's marketing communications committee.

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