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Contest #424: Whoa, man! There's like some bad advertising going around out there. We were tokin' up on some TV ads the other night and we were trippin' out on a dreamy string of psychedelic '60s-inspired spots from Schweppes.

After a hazy flashback to Pepsi's Woodstock commercial that's been airing lately, we started wondering if other marketers will wax Wavy Gravy nostalgic in this 25th anniversary year of the watershed music event. Turn on, tune in and drop out, T.N.T.ers: come up with the next ad campaign inspired by Woodstock and the '60s psychedelia.

And now the results of Contest #420: We asked for the next "genuine" and "authentic" ad campaign and you fabricated these responses:

First Prize: Authentic Ex-Lax. A rugged, handsome young man walks into his home. He is dusty and dirty from a hard day's work. He sits down as voice-over begins: "Remember when men were men, and constipation was constipation? A real man doesn't swallow a pink pill-he chews on a hunk of chocolate! Back by popular demand: Ex-Lax-the original chocolate bar. Gina Cline, student, Grand Rapids Baptist College, Middleville, Mich.

Second Prize: Marlboro will smack antismoking forces and the generics trend by launching an unfiltered cigarette-Marlboro Genuine Unfiltered. Made with hand-picked tobacco from Philip Morris' original plantation. Want the genuine taste of the Old West? With all the nicotine that Philip Morris claims it doesn't put in? Try Marlboro Genuine Unfiltered. Perry Seelert, marketing services manager, Daymon Associates, Dublin, Calif.

Third Prize: Jolly Time Popcorn changes its name to Movie Time Popcorn. Just like the genuine movie theater popcorn! Now you can enjoy all the absolutely tasty and cholesterol-producing benefits of pure, unadulterated coconut oil! Wayne Yoshida, Huntington Beach, Calif.

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