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Cole & Weber

Portland, Ore.

Dr. Martens

Jim Carey, Creative Director

Joe Shands, Art Director

Mike Sheen, Art Director

David Baldwin, Copywriter

Lars Topelmann, Photographer

Gary Hush, Photographer

Dr. Klaus Maertens was a poor skier, so when he injured his foot, he built a comfortable, sturdy, rubber-soled shoe in the late 1940s that became de rigueur for those who spend the work day on their feet. Decades later, they became the preferred footwear of youth of all sorts.

Agency Cole & Weber, Portland, Ore., acknowleges it isn't too difficult to sell the shoes today, but the broader mission is to broaden the brand's consumer base. For that reason, ads emphasize the shoe's history and heritage, and run in Men's Journal and Sports Illustrated as well as Details, Rolling Stone and Spin.

"We want people to know it's not a fad shoe," says Mike Sheen, associate creative director.

Also, while Dr. Martens has built its brand on three basic, sturdy shoes, the company is stepping into new, more mainstream styles.

"We want to let [consumers] know what the company's heritage is and what the future is," says Mr. Sheen. "If we do our job, Dr. Martens will move into the

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