Sun brews Java for the Web

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Sun Microsystems on Tuesday unveiled new tools that will make the World Wide Web more interactive. The tools--the Java programming language and the HotJava browser--will enable Web users to see animation and motion. Traditional Web pages are static, featuring only text and still images or graphics. HotJava will be available in test, or beta, mode in late summer.

Nielsen Media Research and ASI Market Research have linked to provide a range of research services for TV infomercials. The two companies will provide concept analysis, video testing, market testing, media research and sales traffic research. They will also co-sponsor a study of the state of long-form TV advertising.

sweeps ratings lower
With only three days of ratings data left before the end of the May sweeps, the gross rating for the Big 4 broadcast networks (through May 21) is down 5.9% to a 40.02 Nielsen rating. The aggregate rating for basic cable networks, meanwhile, has surged 16.5% to a 15.7 rating. Of the broadcast networks, only NBC showed a gain, rising 8.2% to an 11.9 rating. CBS fell 12.5% to a 10.1 rating, ABC dropped 11% to an 11.3 and Fox was down 11.7% to a 6.7. For the week ended May 21, NBC led with an 11.8 rating. It had five of the top 10 prime-time shows, including Nos. 1, 2 and 3: "ER," "Friends" and "Seinfeld."

eight new shows
Fox unveiled five hours of new prime-time programming for the 1995-96 TV season, including six new half-hour comedies and two new one-hour dramas. The dramas include "Space," a working title for a sci-fi series about military cadets in the future; and "Strange Luck," starring actor D.B. Sweeney as a photojournalist with a streak of good and bad luck. Comedies include: "Cabin Pressure," about flight attendants; "Misery Loves Company," about a man's view of divorce and marriage; "Ned and Stacey," with "Wings" star Thomas Haden Church as an ambitious ad executive; "Partners," starring John Cryer as an architect; "The Preston Episodes," starring David Alan Grier as an English professor turned journalist; and "Too Something," about best friends working in a mail room. "Space" is scheduled for 7 p.m. Sunday, leading out of Fox's NFL coverage and into "The Simpsons."

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