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Instead of newspaper circulars promoting price, Wegmans Food Markets has developed glossy store magazines rivaling the look of consumer magazines and garnering advertising-from not just suppliers but luxury brands such as automobiles.

Wegmans Menu, published four times annually by the upscale regional chain with 68 stores in New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Virginia, tops 1 million in circulation with a 100-page color edition focused on recipes. Included are full-page ads from Cuisinart, Mercedes-Benz and Revlon.

If a harried working mother reads the cover story-a detailed recipe for pan-seared tilapia with baby bok choy, mushrooms and red-lentil-she can walk less than 50 feet inside the store to a "meal station." There, each recipe item is lavishly displayed. She can also watch a cooking coach-operating the station seven days a week at varying hours based on store traffic patterns-preparing the recipe.

"The Menu has become our rallying point for what you see in the store," said Mary Kellmanson, VP-marketing and advertising.

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