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Contest #443: Look out, all you Tic-Tac and M&M fiends. Mentos mania is sweeping the nation! Yes, Mentos, those mint-flavored candies, seem to inspire zany behavior. If you've seen the ads (originally created to reach European consumers), you know we're talking real walk-on-the-wild-side antics, like mothers surfing on ironing boards or young boys finding daredevil ways to cross the street. We want more. TNTers: come up with the next really stupid but wonderfully kitschy Mentos commercial.

And now for the results of Contest #439: We asked you for the next Oliver Stone conspiracy theory and you told us these tall but surprisingly fathomable tales:

First Prize: In his next film, "Unnatural Looking Superstars," Mr. Stone uncovers the real secret behind Michael Jackson's incredible physical transformation over the past decade. It turns out that limelight-weary Michael made a deal with his tiny, where-is-he-now actor-friend, Emmanuel Lewis, whereby Mr. Lewis underwent extensive cosmetic surgery to take Michael's place. While Emmanuel cavorts with dream gal Lisa Marie Presley and lip-synchs to Mr. Jackson's hits, Michael lives happily ever after in Neverland with Bubbles and Brooke Shields. Ken Mason, free-lance writer, Los Angeles.

Second Prize: In the upcoming "Born on the Twenty-Ninth of February," Mr. Stone uncovers the startling secret of Mr. Lonnie Milch, an 80-year-old calendar maker and villain behind the Leap Year hoax. Mr. Stone accuses Mr. Milch of stealing days from the month of February and shamelessly selling them to terminally ill people who desire one extra day to live. Mr. Milch had no comment. Steve Hentges, producer, Starn Pictures, New York.

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