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Julie Kantrowitz has her work cut out. According to one media executive, "I've calculated that Julie has about 81,000 spots to sell this year. But if anyone can get the job done, it's her."

Ms. Kantrowitz, 39, is senior VP-media sales for Warner Bros. Domestic Television, and this year Warner has a record 16 shows it's syndicating, plus a movie package.

"We've got seven and a half hours a day of programming," Ms. Kantrowitz says, somewhat amazed.

As the top ad sales person for Warner Bros. Domestic Television, it's her responsibility to sell advertising time in all those programs.

This past fall, Ms. Kantrowitz' major task was to sell "Friends" as it entered syndication.

"We got six new advertisers that had not been running in syndication, and we got 100% of their ad budget," Ms. Kantrowitz beams.

Indeed, "getting advertisers new to syndication is part of my charge," she says.

A 13-year veteran at Warner Bros., Ms. Kantrowitz has held her current post for the past two years.

Her next challenge, besides selling all those spots? `

`We want to introduce advertisers to cross-media opportunites," she says. "We have a big company, with lots to offer them, and we think we can close a lot of

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