Taco Bell Ridicules McDonald's Egg McMuffin in New Spot

Breakfast Campaign Portrays Golden Arches' Signature Item as Outdated

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First, Ronald McDonald. Now the Egg McMuffin.

Taco Bell made not-so-subtle references to the Golden Arches in its breakfast launch campaign with a commercial showing people named Ronald McDonald eating Taco Bell's morning fare. Now, it's going after McDonald's signature menu item with a commercial portraying Egg McMuffin fans as hopelessly outdated.

The campaign breaking tomorrow was created by Interpublic's Deutsch and is called "Get with the Times." It features a man who appears to be stuck in the '80s, wearing a Miami-Vice-inspired outfit -- a pastel T-shirt with a taupe blazer -- and sporting a mullet. He sings to the tune of "Old MacDonald": "I've been eating Egg McMuffins since 1984. But when I saw Taco Bell made a Waffle Taco, I figured I would get with the times."

Taco Bell Chief Marketing Officer Chris Brandt said that the strategy is to illustrate that McDonald's has been selling breakfast for years, but that Taco Bell is the "next generation" of breakfast. He added that in order to be successful at the daypart, the chain needed to be "disrputive" in its marketing. He said calling McDonald's out directly does that with a message that consumers can easily understand.

Mr. Brandt said the company is very pleased with how breakfast has been selling so far, but declined to provide sales. He added that the chain is actively working on additional products for breakfast.

The chain also announced it's prepping the next iteration of the Doritos Locos Taco for early May.

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