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Some notable notions discussed at last week's magazine symposium

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Toby Korner

Marketing Management Analytics on

"The value of print in the marketing mix"

* Returns on print ad spending are among the highest of any media, short only of digital channels.

* Half-page ads, when designed to be half-page ads, can be more effective than full-page ads.

* Niche magazines may be more expensive, but their targeted nature makes them more efficient.

* Print excels at communicating complex messages.

William J. Havlena

Dynamic Logic

* Combining TV and magazine advertising produced best impact on purchase intent for a beverage product

* Different media perform differently at different points in the "purchase funnel," with magazines making high contributions closer to purchase, when consumers are highly engaged.

John Farrar

Marketing Evolution

* Magazines are more effective than current buzz suggests-especially when combined with TV

* Examining a direct-to-consumer pharmaceutical campaign, Marketing Evolution found that print had the greatest ability to influence "Intent to talk to a doctor"-at the smallest cost per consumer.

Phil Sawyer

GfK Starch Communications

* Engagement is not as closely linked with advertising effectiveness as many believe; creative execution is central to an ad's success or failure.

* Ads appearing in low-engagement magazines do not suffer from the environment-and ads in high-engagement publications do not receive any great advantage.
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