Tale of the tape: Strawberry Frog vs. Deutsch

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By taking control of Old Navy's back-to-school ad effort, you could say independent Strawberry Frog has made its biggest leap forward in the U.S. since opening up its New York office last year. You could also say it gives the shop a high-profile American marketing assignment to go with its enormous buzz. The clothing retailer's decision to give the Frog this crucial assignment further magnified the slide of dethroned agency of record Deutsch, whose one-time top position among American creative shops has been shaken by client defections from the likes of Revlon, Mitsubishi and Monster.

Strawberry Frog

Number of Employees: 25 full-time, plus freelancers

Who runs the show: CEO-Chief Creative Officer Scott Goodson, a 41-year-old Canadian. Client Service Director-Partner Heather Fullerton is among his deputies.

Pictures of CEO in a Speedo circulating on Web: None that we know of

Origin of agency name: Named after thumbnail-sized frog with a red body and blue legs

Clients: American Heart Association, Heineken

Famous Mitsubishi work: Launch work for Colt model in Europe, which included a guerrilla program and innovative media buys, including placing ads around editorial content about the car.

The buzz: A recent sort-of shout-out from Omnicom CEO John Wren, who jokingly referred to them as "Strawberry Mother" at a recent conference. A place on most lists of up-and-coming ad agencies.


Number of Employees: around 1,000

Who runs the show: Despite a five-days-a-week talk show, chairman-CEO Donny Deutsch is the self-described "spiritual center," but he's expected to promote Chief Operating Officer Linda Sawyer into a more prominent role.

Pictures of CEO in a Speedo circulating on Web: One

Origin of agency name: Named after Donny's father, David Deutsch, who founded the business in 1969

Clients: Last week won Babies "R" Us, which joins Johnson & Johnson, Novartis, PacifiCare Health, Starwood Hotel & Resorts

Famous Mitsubishi work: Slick spots featuring infectious tunes by bands like Dirty Vegas and Telepopmusik

The buzz: "We've hit a speed bump," Mr. Deutsch told The New York Post last week. Indeed. The agency's recent high-profile losses offset only by wins like PacifiCare and Orville Redenbacher.

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