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Cellular One: "Quiropractico"

Lopito, Ileana & Howie,

Guaynabo, Puerto Rico

Creative Director: Tere Davila

Copywriter: J. Tirado

Producer: J. Lanauze

Production Company: Guede Films

A typical waiting room scene -- complete with bad Muzak -- opens this spot for cellular phone service. Two patients talk high-speed into the cell phones cradled on their shoulders. When one puts away the phone and walks away, ear still to the shoulder, the camera pulls back to reveal the name on the waiting room door: "Chiropractor."

"Talking a lot doesn't have to hurt you," says the title card. The other patient puts away his phone, but also keeps the head-tilt contortion. "At least not in the pocket," says the next title card.

Fade out to a Cellular One title card as an institutional nurse's voice calls out: "Next."

Collect en Espanol: "Thief"

Del Rivero Messianu, Coral Gables, Fla.

Creative Director: Luis Miguel Messianu

Copywriter: Paco Olavarrieta

Producer: Aidita Urra-Alamo

Production Company Producer: Simon Bross

A hapless four-eyes is confronted by a knife-wielding mugger at a pay phone. "Give me everything you've got" the goon demands, as he takes his victim's wallet and jacket, then demands the nervous teen's shirt, pants and sneakers.

"But please, leave me a coin, no? I've got to call my granny," pleads his victim, who's now down to his boxer shorts. "Call through Collect en Espanol, you don't need coins," says the mugger. He sings out the jingle with the number over and over, while his nervous victim dials.

"Collect en Espanol. So cheap for your folks, it's a steal," says the voice-over.

Cut back to the stripped-down kid on the telephone, holding his shoe. "Hey, you forgot the sneaker," he whines meekly, and then throws it behind the fleeing robber.

Honorable Mention

Bell Atlantic Corp.: "Abduction"

Conill Advertising, New York

Creative Director: Mariano Favetto

Art Director: Gustavo Sanchez

Copywriter: Roberto Pedroso

Production Company Producer: Francisco Pugliese, Harmony Pictures

Composer/Arranger: Emilio Kaunderer

The opening of this Yellow Pages spot is "The X-Files" meets "The Waltons."

Pa and Ma sit on the porch when a green light beam airlifts Ma, rocking chair and all.

"What you need in your everyday life -- and what you'd never imagined you would need in life -- you can find it in the Bell Atlantic Spanish Yellow Pages," says the voiceover, as the camera zooms over the Yellow Pages to "Satellite Equipment and Systems."

Cut back to Pa at the mike of his satellite radio transmitter. "Rosita, Rosita?" A distant voice answers "Yesss?" from the ether. "Where are my brown socks?"

The commercial closes with the tagline "La Vida de la A a la Z" or "Life from A to Z." This is a good adaptation of Bell Atlantic's general market tagline,

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