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Fetus Pitches Burgers
Marketer: Carl's Jr.
Brand: Carl's Jr.
Title: "Baby"
Agency: Mendelsohn/Zien

Going even younger than Baby Bob, Carl Jr.'s new spot rolls out a talking fetus as pitchman. Speaking from inside his mother, the fetus hawks the chain's new Spicy BBQ Six Dollar Burger.

UPS Jet Truck
Marketer: UPS
Brand: UPS
Title: "Engine"
Agency: Martin Agency, Richmond, Va.

Now committed to driving the UPS truck in a Nascar race, driver Dale Jarrett wonders if the 70-mile-an-hour vehicle is really up the task. A UPS official smugly shows him the UPS race truck newly upgraded with two jet engines welded to its sides.

Shadow Eroticism
Marketer: Virgin Mobile
Brand: Virgin Mobile
Title: "Shadow"
Agency: Fallon, New York

In its latest 'Paygoist' spot, Virgin Mobile features a man using the shadow of his hand to feel up a sunbathing woman. Very artsy but one wonders what this has to do with selling wireless service.

Naked Match
Title: "Football"
Agency: Hanft Raboy & Partners, New York

Agonizing over some slight he has done his much-loved girlfriend, a young man lipsticks "Forgive Me Andrea" on his chest and then, naked except for undershorts, runs onto the field of a major football game to get his message on camera. This one is sure to pull the heartstrings of every single woman searching for that perfect

Funny Chicken
Marketer: Popeye's Chicken
Brand: Popeye's Chicken
Title: "Mama Slap"
Agency: Cramer Krasselt, Chicago

Pioneering the new field of branded-entertainment comedy, Comedy Central star Bruce Bruce not only appears in this ad campaign but also integrates Popeye's Chicken references into his stage routines.

Troubled Pontiac
Marketer: General Motors
Brand: Pontiac
Title: "Mesmerize"
Agency: Chemistri, Troy, Mich.

In this spot, the much-troubled General Motors attempts to pump some sizzle into its Pontiac brand. What the commercial doesn't say is that Pontiac is in such trouble that GM's vice chairman, Robert A. Lutz, told analysts two weeks ago that GM is considering eliminating the product line if sales don't improve.

Moneybox Frogs
Marketer: HypoVereinsbank
Brand: HypoVereinsbank
Title: "Genius Boys"
Agency: Wieden & Kennedy, Amsterdam

HypoVereinsbank, Germany's second-largest bank, wanted to make the point that its new Komfort Pack of consumer financial services is so good that it doesn't have to offer gimmicky gifts to lure new customers. This spot tells the story from the point of view of the Chinese factory that previously made the bank's marketing giveaways.

Five-Second Cadillac
Marketer: General Motors
Brand: General Motors
Title: "Instant Drive-in"
Agency: Chemistri, Troy, Mich.

When it ran its 'Five Second Film' contest in a co-promotion with MGM's new movie 'Be Cool,' starring John Travolta, General Motors promised that winning films would be incorporated within future Cadillac commercials. This is one of them.

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