Tanqueray Tie To New Movie: Mr. Jenkins Character Wins Role In Outdoor, Print Ads For Fox's 'Volcano'

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Mr. Jenkins is going Hollywood with Tanqueray gin's sponsorship of Twentieth Century Fox Film Corp.'s "Volcano," an early-1997 action-adventure that's part of a film genre typically appealing to underage males.

The urbane Mr. Jenkins character of Schieffelin & Somerset Co.'s Tanqueray advertising will appear in a print and outdoor campaign tying in the brand with the film, starring Tommy Lee Jones.

The Mr. Jenkins tie-in comes as the liquor industry faces scrutiny for breaking its self-imposed ban on TV advertising, a departure that has led to suggestions marketers are seeking out adult programming with underage audiences. No TV ad support is planned for the movie tie-in.

Larry Greifer, VP-public relations/entertainment marketing for Schieffelin & Somerset, said he isn't concerned about appealing to an underage audience by hitching onto an action-adventure film.


"The ads are specifically geared to adults. They are sophisticated in humor. You won't get the campaign if you're a teen-ager," he said, noting that Tanqueray rarely tries to appeal to an audience under 25 years old.

While Seagram Co.'s Chivas Regal is a sponsor of the restoration and revival of the Alfred Hitchcock classic "Vertigo," now in limited release, that sponsorship isn't as extensive as Tanqueray's. Rather, it merely mentions the brand name in newspaper movie-listing ads for the film. Seagram owns MCA, which restored and distributed the movie.


Like the other Tanqueray gin ads, the national print and Los Angeles outdoor campaign from Deutsch, New York, features Mr. Jenkins interacting with a supporting cast of characters. This time around, the ensemble consists of the faces of key Fox studio executives and the chat is about the possibility of a volcanic eruption in Los Angeles.

The budget was not disclosed, but Schieffelin & Somerset spends an estimated $25 million annually on advertising and promotion for all its Tanqueray brands.

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