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Dave Rotunno

Director of marketing & advertising, Dean Foods Co.

Our company's relationship with Tatham, which goes back 17 years, has been great. Among the things they do extremely well is they're very attentive to our needs and to the details needed for our dairy and ice cream business. They make an effort to understand our business, and that's important.

No. 2, the creative product they give us-even though we're a relatively small client for them-has always been outstanding.

No. 3, there are a lot of positives to dealing with an agency this size. They have a lot of creative talent, and account management has been terrific.

Steve Hanika, who's now a senior partner, has been on the Dean account almost since Day 1. He has been a constant, and he's always been extremely attentive to Dean's needs. That has really helped. As account people change, we haven't lost any continuity; he's always been there to pick the ball up and hand it off to the next person. That creates a comfort level that I appreciate.


Steve knows the consumer and marketing side of the dairy and ice cream business as well as anyone, and that's a tremendous plus.

The current campaign may be the best they've created for us. Our radio campaign called "Remember When" is a nostalgic look at our company and the dairy business. It relates scenes of what used to happen in the dairy business years ago and emphasizes how we're trying to bring that feel back to the consumer.

Now we're breaking a brand new campaign (launched in mid-April) for Dean Country Charm ice cream, and the Tatham people have done a terrific job on that.

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