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1946 Tatham-Laird opens permanent offices at 111 W. Washington Blvd., Chicago, in March; moves to 20 N. Wacker in September.

1947 Future CEO Charles Standen joins the agency, which ends first full year with a $850 profit as Bendix billings reach $2.6 million and General Mills assigns Kix, T-L's first package goods brand.

1949 Agency resigns Good Luck margarine account.

1950 New business includes Parker Pen's butane lighter, Swanson Co.'s frozen food business, Toni Co.'s White Rain shampoo.

1951 T-L celebrates its fifth anniversary with billings at $5 million.

1952 Agency moves to 64 E. Jackson over Lyon & Healy, a music store.

1954 Agency opens New York office. Swanson introduces the first "TV dinner."

1956 T-L wins first Procter & Gamble brand, Fluffo, a cooking fat.

1957 P&G assigns a household cleaner to T-L, which names it Mr. Clean.

1960 Libby, McNeill & Libby appoints the agency to handle its canned meats account.

1963 First merger negotiations begin with Kudner Agency in New York; no agreement reached.

1964 Art Tatham and Ken Laird step aside for second management generation. Charles Standen becomes president, then CEO. Agency assigned Bold and Cheek-to-Cheek by P&G.

1965 On May 28 T-L merges with the Kudner Agency to become Tatham-Laird & Kudner. Kudner accounts include GTE, General Motors, Goodyear.

1966 TLK loses several key former Kudner accounts: GTE, GM, Duffy Mott.

1969 Charles Standen becomes chairman; Paul Schlesinger, CEO. Ken Laird retires.

1970 Hiram Walker, the world's largest distiller, awards TLK four brands.

1971 On 25th anniversary, Art Tatham semi-retires to strategy review board. New accounts include Bactine, Morningstar Farms (Miles Laboratories), Murine (Abbott Labs), Pan American World Airways. TLK moves to 625 N. Michigan Ave.

1973 Mr. Laird dies.

1974 TLK reorganizes into a partnership.

1977 Jerome Birn named chief executive officer and Mr. Standen remains chairman of the management committee.

1979 Billings surpass $90 million. Charlotte Beers leaves JWT to become TLK's first woman managing partner.

1980 Mr. Standen retires after 34 years. TLK wins Louis Rich, Jack Daniel's.

1982 Ms. Beers becomes CEO; will add chairman to her titles in '86. The agency begins search for a European partner.

1983 Billings hit $224 million. New business includes Coors beer, P&G's Coast soap, Miles Labs' One-a-Day vitamins.

1985 Mr. Tatham dies. New York office closes.

1987 Ralph Rydholm joins TLK as managing partner, creative chief.

1988 TLK acquired in June by Roux, Seguela, Cayzac & Goudard, Paris, creating world's 19th largest agency group.

1990 TLK acquires Peter Rogers Associates. Mr. Rydholm becomes chairman.

1991 In June, TLK becomes Tatham/RSCG. RSCG subsequently merges with Eurocom to become Euro RSCG, world's seventh-largest agency network.

1992 Ms. Beers resigns; Mr. Rydholm becomes CEO. Total billings: $349.5 million.

1993 Agency acquires Chicago office of Della Femina McNamee, changing its name to DFM/Tatham.

1995 Steve Dworin brought in by parent com-pany to coordinate international business of Euro RSCG U.S. agencies.

1996 Another name change: to Euro RSCG Tatham. Agency wins Hardee's and Clearasil.

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