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Teresa Bowker, a former logistics manager for Burton Snowboards, founded Fuse Integrated Sports Marketing in Burlington, Vt., in 1995 to provide marketers with turnkey events and promotions targeting young, active consumers between ages 15 and 26. Expert at organizing sponsored snowboarding events, Fuse also consults with major corporations about reaching youths.

Age: 35.

Insight: The sports and lifestyle passions of teens and young adults are intense, but changing fast. Youth sports are deeply linked to fashion and music, and it's a moving target from season to season.

Opinion: Most corporations and many agencies have very little good, current information about the youth market. It's a different culture, and reaching it requires serious commitment.

Tip: Kids are skeptics. Avoid overt promotions screaming "sponsorship," instead using brands in very relevant, service-based ways. Details matter: Nothing can be fake or staged, or kids will see right through it.

Watch for: Motocross, BMX bicycle riding and skateboarding to grow in popularity among youths during the next year.

Peeve: When youth promotions are desk-driven, not kid-driven. You've got to get inside kids' minds in order for promotions to be effective.

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