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MALE CALL: Fiery explosions, car chases, and proven male stars all seem to point to blockbuster results for a number of holiday film releases this season.

Some of the most highly touted action/drama/suspense movies are being fronted by big box-office draws in major roles.

In "The Insider," Al Pacino stars as a "60 Minutes" producer. The movie has been posting a healthy price of over H$40 in the most recent Hollywood Stock Exchange Barometer. Mr. Pacino's StarBond value has been more than H$2,000.

Johnny Depp's StarBond lost virtually half its value from around H$1,812 at the beginning of September.

Even so, this hasn't hurt Mr. Depp's new movie, "Sleepy Hollow," based on the classic Washington Irving horror story. "Sleepy Hollow" has been one of the top-priced MovieStocks. Since late July, the stock has been into the H$60s, and has broached the H$70 level.

Two other action thrillers are being played by HSXers as surefire box-office holiday hits, as well -- "End of Days" and "The World Is Not Enough."

Though he hasn't done a movie in two years, there are high expectations surrounding Arnold Schwarzenegger and "End of Days." His StarBond has been trending steadily up, most recently near H$2,400, while the "End of Days" MovieStock has been in the robust H$70 to H$75 range. MovieStock for the film moved up sharply to H$78 in early October.

Pierce Brosnan will reprise his role as British agent James Bond in "The World Is Not Enough." His latest effort. His third outing as Bond, is the highest

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