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Even before Harry Connick Jr. donned a Texas Rebel Radio T-shirt in "Hope Floats," Jan Fritz knew the Americana radio station she and her husband created in 1991 would have mass appeal.

"I thought with the product we were developing with Texas Rebel Radio that it had international potential, and the easiest way to promote it was through the Internet," says Ms. Fritz, VP-general sales manager for the radio station in Fredericksburg, Texas.

From as far away as Australia, about 100,000 listeners tune in to every month, to texasrebelradio.com to hear the eclectic blend of music.

The Fritz Broadcasting station began streaming its radio content online in August 1998 and has ranked among the top five Internet radio stations in Arbitron Corp.'s InfoStream ratings since the listing began in October.

"We have a lot of publicity because of the unusual nature of our programming and because the music creates fanatical fans," says Ms. Fritz, 45.

One of those fans is Lynda Obst, the producer of "Hope Floats," who a few years ago asked if she could use a Texas Rebel Radio T-shirt as part of a costume.

"That was the fastest `yes' that's ever come out of my mouth," Ms. Fritz said. Shots of Mr. Connick wearing the shirt appeared in the 1999 film as well as in the movie ads, trailer and Garth Brooks video tied to the film.

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