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It's not that there's any shortage of role models, including past first ladies, from which Hillary Rodham Clinton could choose to endear herself to sour voters. But maybe the best role model would be .*.*. Hillary Clinton.

An Advertising Age Instant Fax Poll listed a cast of famous women and asked respondents from which personas the first lady should borrow. One in four said she shouldn't change a thing. The most popular "role model" listed was another first lady-Jacqueline Kennedy.

Other nuggets of advice:

"Hillary Clinton needs an exceptional PR counsel .*.*. She also needs `crisis management' thinking on every issue she tackles so she can handle the `backfires' more easily. Her husband's profile does not help her, and her current PR needs a vast overhaul .*.*."

"Hillary Clinton is a major talent. She should be marketed as such."

"A big change would be phony and would seriously damage her reputation among those who have supported her. She's a strong, intelligent, vital woman and should remain so. Barbara Bush was nice-but Hillary is much more."

"She shares the `Bully Pulpit' at night, at least, plus she's intelligent .... So she should be allowed to just be herself .*.*. And not sway or remake herself according to b*ll sh*t opinion polls."

"One day we will all laugh of embarrassment at how backward this country was to have 1) considered this an issue; 2) that an educated, high-profile woman could be considered a threat to anyone; 3) that we weren't keeping our eye on the real threats: those who would seek to take us back to frontier days, when men were judged by the caliber of their weapons and women were kept barefoot and pregnant ... I am a white male (Catholic) in the 18-49 demo."

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