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Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. hopes to double its pleasure-and its marketing success-with the new dual-groove Eagle Aquatred.

The tire, introduced during the Super Bowl, is Goodyear's attempt to expand the wet-traction tire segment to luxury and performance cars.

The Aquatred was introduced during the Winter Olympics two years ago; since then, the company has sold more than 2 million of the tires.

The new Eagle Aquatred is designed for performance vehicles with wider wheels like the Ford Mustang or luxury cars like the Cadillac Seville.

"Goodyear had performance car owners who were attracted by the advertising and came in to buy an Aquatred. We didn't have the appropriate product, so we decided to expand the lineup," said Barry Robbins, VP-marketing.

"This won't be the last Aquatred," Mr. Robbins said, an indication Goodyear is looking at other ways to extend the line.

The estimated $6 million Eagle Aquatred launch brought back the Aquatred water-skiers-pulled by a car over a thin sheet of water-with two more vehicles to demonstrate how the new tire handles on performance sedans.

The TV spot from J. Walter Thompson USA, Detroit, says, "We're back with a new Aquatred. An Aquatred for performance sedans." It goes on to say, "The new Eagle Aquatred has the racing-inspired performance of Eagle and the wet traction of an Aquatred.

Both the Aquatred and the Eagle Aquatred spots will be broadcast heavily on major sporting events such as the Winter Olympics, Indianapolis 500 and National Basketball Association games, as well as on some prime-time TV. Print ads will run in specialized magazines such as Road & Track and Car & Driver.

The Eagle Aquatred will be in stores in late March and retail at $160 to $220, compared with the $100 Aquatred.

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