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Client: Lee

Agency: Fallon McElligottFallon has done some outstanding campaigns for Lee. This isn't one of them. Whatever the reason, it came out cheesy. And I don't want to buy cheesy jeans. No matter how well they fit.

Client: Nike

Agency: Wieden & Kennedy

I love this ad. I love this ad. I love this ad. I love the photography. I love the design. I love the words. I love the message. It's very powerful, very moving and very good. Did I mention that I love this ad?

Client: Timberland

Agency: Mullen

The original Timberland campaign that Mullen created was brilliant. Since then, it has gone steadily downhill. In fact, every year it seems to get to get progressively worse.

The only thing good I can say about the latest mutation is that we no longer are being subjected to headlines like "Tiptoe through the

Tetons," "Foot slips sink ships" and "What to have on your feet when the only thing dry is the heaves."

Client: Nissan Agency: Chiat/Day/Venice, Calif.

This ad stands out, grabs your attention and has some fun while doing it. Not too shabby. The retro Fossil/Charles Anderson-look works. It's nice to see some interesting car print other than Isuzu.

The factoid thing gets a bit heavy-handed, the headline could be stronger, and some of the information in the border areas didn't reproduce at all in the magazine. But hey, those are minor complaints. A special thanks to the art director and designer for giving us some interesting advertising to look at. It doesn't happen very often.

Client: Nike Agency: Wieden & Kennedy

If the idea here was to be boring and straightforward, the creatives definitely nailed it. Why is this Nike ad suddenly among the mundane ads in my magazines? What a letdown.

This boot campaign just doesn't have it. (I hate to think of all that wasted space.) The new Nike apparel campaign isn't any better. The photography is just plain bad, and the ads blend right in with the other ads around them. If they had stuck to a single page with just the stitched Nike swoosh and a small "Nike Apparel" at the bottom, it would have been a lot better.

Client: Wrangler

Agency: The Martin Agency

Let's see, clothing on a clothes line visually depicting a product attribute. Where have we seen this idea before? Could it be an old old Lee Lites jeans ad from Fallon? Yep. A little too close for comfort in my book.

The Lee ad was fresh and executed perfectly. This ad is ugly, and the clothes look cheap and uninviting.

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