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Toilet Drink
Client: Cadbury Schweppes
Brand: 7 Up
Title: "Sitting Still"
Agency: Y&R Advertising, New York
Oh, yeah, let's spend a lot of money to associate our food product with the image of a defecating fat man about to wipe himself. And Cadbury Schweppes wonders why its 7 Up brand is losing market share?

Everybody Choke Now
Client: Crunch
Brand: Crunch Fitness Centers
Title: "Diner"
Agency: Dimassimo Brand Advertising, New York
Probing for the humorous angle in a choke-to-death-while-eating theme, this Crunch spot turns it all into a new dance craze. Let's all get down and do the choke.

Real Cheap Mercedes
Client: DaimlerChrysler
Brand: Mercedes C-Sports Coupe
Title: "No Way"
Agency: Markley Newman Harty & Partners
In its continuing sad attempt to be everything to everybody, Mercedes --once the epitome of automotive elan -- has fielded new spots pitching the cheapness of its products. This one costs just $25,670, viewers are told.

Targeting Spring
Client: Target
Brand: Spring Fashions
Title: "Multiplies"
Agency: Peterson Milla Hooks, Minneapolis, Minn.
With a bright rock beat, colorful product shots and sense of youthful excitement, this commercial says a lot even though it has no words.

Time-Warped Sprout
Client: Sony Computer Entertainment
Brand: PlayStation II
Title: "Consequences"
Agency: TBWA/Chiat/Day, New York
A seed spit into an open prarie many decades ago grows into a large tree that becomes the anchor point of a town. We watch it all go backward to the seed in a lesson in the consequences of small changes and the power of digital animation.

The Little Cog That Could
Client: New Zealand Lottery
Brand: Lotto
Title: "Cog"
Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, New York
This New Zealand cartoon commercial illustrates the dream of every lottery player: to win big and sail away from the hum-drum of daily work life.

Client: DaimlerChrysler
Brand: Mercedes C Class
Title: "Snow"
Agency: Springer & Jacoby, Hamburg, Germany
Do not adjust your set. That's how the picture is supposed to look. A German commercial uses electronic "snow" of the sort found in bad video dubs to illustrate a point about a vehicle's performance in winter weather.

Vegas Hangover
Client: Las Vegas
Brand: Las Vegas Tourism
Title: "Breakfast"
Agency: R&R Advertising, Las Vegas
"We got one guy missing in action. All we got is a set of dentures. What are we going to tell his wife?" asks one of the stars of this Las Vegas promo spot set around a morning-after breakfast table in a casino restaurant. The new campaign hypes the wild abandon of a Vegas vacation trip.

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