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To the editor:

What is happening here? I like some of the things that the design group Tomato is doing [Creativity, August '94], but let's get back to reality. Most of the work they and other similar design groups are turning out is unreadable and unclear. We'd lose most of our accounts if we presented "postlinear" concepts to our clients.

And let's face it: advertising is not art. Unfortunately, our egos would like us to think that it is. Tomato's Graham Wood was disgusted about the British D&AD awards, which he said lacked guts, truth, beauty, passion etc., but what ads cannot lack are logos and calls to action. Sadly, this "nihilistic" hodgepodge is influencing creatives, and it's reached a point where we're churning out garbage.

The purpose of our ad work is not to inspire debate, it's to move the merch, baby. Today's consumer does not have time to mull over an ad, trying to figure out what's being said. We desperately need to get back to basics.

Mike Ferrraguti


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