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12 Publicis Communication/ Publicis-FCB

Organization totals ($ in millions)

Worldwide Gross income $572.0 $623.0 -8.2

Volume $3,887.8 $4,257.9 -8.7

Employees 4,654 4,824 -3.5

Offices NA NA NA

U.S. Gross income $27.6 $25.2 9.5

Volume $270.3 $231.8 16.6

Employees 285 279 2.2

Offices 3 3 0.0

European offices of Publicis-FCB

Publicis-FCB, Vienna MJ 36.0

Publicis-FCB, Brussels MJ 69.5

LVH/BMZ, Brussels MJ 13.4

Publicis-FCB, Copenhagen MJ 25.2

Publicis Conseil, Paris MJ 1137.3

FCB, Paris MJ 170.0

Publicis-FCB, Duesseldorf MJ 422.8

Baums, Mang & Zimmermann, Duesseldorf MJ 151.7

Publicis-FCB, Athens MN 27.7

Publicis-FCB, Milan MJ 234.5

Publicis-FCB, Amsterdam MJ 186.5

Publicis-FCB, Oslo MJ 65.1

Publicis Ciesa, Lisbon MJ 46.5

FCB, Lisbon MJ 45.5

Park, Lisbon MJ 21.4

Communicar, Lisbon MJ 2.3

Publicis-FCB, Warsaw MJ 8.3

Publicis-FCB, Madrid MJ 102.2

Publicis-FCB, Zurich MJ 75.9

FCB, London MJ 144.9

Publicis, London MJ 255.0

European offices from FCA

Bierlich & Hinnum/FCA, Copenhagen (MN) 4.8

Birikim/FCA, Istanbul (MN) 7.4

CID/FCA, Madrid (MN) 87.8

FCA Brussels, Brussels (MJ) 17.4

FCA Caixa Alta, Lisbon (MN) 3.1

FCA France, Paris (MJ) 234.0

FCA Netherlands, Amsterdam (MJ) 32.4

FCA Werbeagentur, Duesseldorf/Stuttgart (MJ) 64.8

FCA/Sabatini Baldoni Panzeri, Milan (MJ) 50.3

Impact FCA, London (MJ) 22.9

Notes: Agency organization Publicis Communication/Publicis-FCB is a reconstituted name for an entity whose agencies no longer include those of just Publicis-FCB Communications B.V. (the organization's former title), a joint venture between Publicis Communication (PC) and Foote, Cone & Belding Communications. PC, apart from FCB, acquired FCAB Group. PC owned no agencies outside the B.V. joint venture until it bought 92% of French holding company FCAB in late 1993. PC owns 51% of B.V., the remainder of which is held by FCB. In this report, PC/Publicis-FCB is shown at 100%, including full-year equity returns for 1993 and 1992 for FCAB Group. Eight percent of FCAB has been held for several years by Dai-Ichi Kikaku, Tokyo. That percent reflects DIK's 20% share in FCAB subsidiary Bloom FCA, New York/Dallas. The Bloom shop has been renamed Publicis/Bloom. Billings from FCA London are included in FCB London.

Officer: Maurice Levy, chmn-ceo.

Headquarters: Publicis Communication/Publicis-FCB /133 Ave. des Champs-Elysees/Paris 75380 Cedex 08, France/Phone: 331-4720-7800/Fax: 331-4070-0517.


U.S. Gross income $32.3 $29.9 8.1

Volume $316.3 $272.4 16.1

Employees 286 278 2.9

Offices 3 3 0.0

U.S. offices

Bloom FCA, Dallas 125.0

Bloom FCA, New York 93.0

Publicis, New York 98.3

Notes: Publicis/Bloom reflects the new composition and parentage of Bloom FCA, the U.S. arm of French agency holding company FCAB. FCAB was purchased in late 1993 by Publicis Communication, Paris. The latter owned a New York shop called Publicis Inc., which has merged with Bloom to form Publicis/Bloom. AA retained the Bloom FCA name for the U.S. office breakdown to identify the three geographical components of Publicis/Bloom.

Officer: Robert H. Bloom, chmn-pres-ceo.

Headquarters: Publicis/Bloom /304 E. 45th St./New York, N.Y. 10017/Phone: 212-370-1313/Fax: 212-984-1695.

41 Hal Riney & Partners

Organization totals ($ in millions)

U.S. Gross income $53.1 $43.8 21.4

Volume $425.0 $350.0 21.4

Employees 276 327 -15.6

Offices 2 3 -33.3

U.S. offices

Hal Riney & Partners, Chicago 106.3

Hal Riney & Partners, New York NA

Hal Riney & Partners, San Francisco 318.8

Notes: Returns are all from the U.S. AA estimated gross income based on billings provided by the agency.

Officer: Hal Riney, chmn.

Headquarters: Hal Riney & Partners/735 Battery St./San Francisco, Calif. 94111/Phone: 415-981-0950/Fax: 415-955-4267.

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