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Old Navy plays off the now-iconic "Brady Bunch" opener to promote its Rugby shirts and nabs the top spot as the most-recalled ad for the period July 22-Aug. 4. Also noteworthy is Fruit of the Loom's campaign, which landed three of its spots in the Top 10. See Old Navy's spot on QwikFIND aan86f


Rank Brand Ad Description Index

1 Old Navy Rugby Bunch-"Brady Bunch" parody 240

2 Sprint Man repeats breaking up w/ girlfriend, Sprint man helps 219

3 Fruit of the Loom Fruit kids in school play 212

4 Fruit of the Loom Fruit men challenge basketball players 209

5 Tide Clean Breeze-laundry basket on top of car (:15) 203

6 Taco Bell Peel It Off & Win Baby!-Mini-me, doesn't want you to win (:15) 179

7 Dell Steven at college, 50K-a-Day Giveaway 158

8 Dawn Husband dunks trash, wife does dishes quicker 157

9 Fruit of the Loom Fruit men, boxers vs. boxing 155

10 Payless Star Jones on fashion, expressing yourself 154

Source: Intermedia Advertising Group 2002 ( Only new campaigns airing weeks of July 22-August 4. The Recall Score is the percentage of TV viewers who can recall within 24 hours the brand of the ad they were exposed to during the normal course of TV viewing. These scores are then indexed against the mean score for all ads during the time period (Recall Index). 100 equals average.

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