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New Mini-Movie Spot
Client: Aeropostale
Brand: Aeropostale Clothes
Title: Back Seat
Agency: Lipman, New York

In the new mini-movie ad spot traditional pioneered by BMW Films, this 2-minute, 30-second Aeropostale spot features a quiet but touching drama of teen romance. This is the spot scheduled to premiere on MTV on Sept. 17.

Rhinocerous Problem
Client: Gatorade
Brand: Energy Bar
Title: "Rhino"
Agency: Element 79 Partners, Chicago
So, you say there's a rhinocerous on your back and you can't do your pushups correctly? Is that what's bothering you bunky? Have we got a food product for you.

AFLAC Duck Returns
Client: AFLAC
Brand: AFLAC Insurance
Title: Auto Mechanic
Agency: Kaplan Thaler Group

In his latest adventure, the AFLAC duck wanders the tool-strewn repair bays of an auto shop.

Cheese Pig Horns In
Client: California Milk Advisory Board
Brand: Cheese
Title: Wannabe Pig
Agency: Deutsch

Following his dream to be a cow, a clueless pig makes his move to join the herd.

PlayStation Suspense Cinema Trailer
Client: Sony Computer Entertainment
Brand: PlayStation
Title: Signs
Agency: TBWA/Chiat/Day

This tightly packed, suspenseful cinema trailer for PlayStation includes a crazed sidewalk seer, an innocent little girl with a balloon and an evil winged assailant.

Attack of the Plasma Screens
Client: Zenith
Brand: Zenith HD TV
Title: Space
Agency: Avrett Free & Ginsberg

Stunning Hollywood-like space-war scenes make the case for the visual quality of Zenith's new high-definition plasma screen TV.

Birthday Faux Pas
Client: Red Lobster
Brand: Red Lobster Shrimp Dinners
Title: Birthday
Agency: EURO RSCG Tatham Partners

A couple learns a lesson in the proper counting of years and shrimp.

Real People Eating
Client: Subway
Brand: Subway Hot Sandwiches
Title: Rooftop
Agency: EURO RSCG MVBMS Partners

Covorting on an urban rooftop, non-actor teens use digital cameras to sing the praises of hot sandwiches.

Automotive Roots
Client: Mercedes-Benz
Brand: E-Class
Title: Production Line
Agency: Merkley Newman Harty

With a brief visual history of its production lines, this spot connects a sense of tradition to the luxury of the new E-class models.

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