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The new peso's fall has suddenly escalated prices of imported brands, making them out of reach for many middle- and working-class Mexicans. As a result, peso-pinching consumers are having to resort to locally produced brands. Below is a comparison of local and imported goods as of late January.

Imported brand Locally produced brand

I Can't Believe It's Not þButter454 grams7.05 new pesos Parkay margarine400 grams4.50 new pesos

Crispix cereal359 grams15.10 new pesos Crunchy Nut cereal530 grams13.80 new pesos

Budweiser355 milliliter can2.65 new pesos Tecate355 milliliter can2.07 new pesos

Tyson Southern Fried þBreast Patties298 grams15.30 new pesos Bachoco Hamburguesas þde Pollo300 grams12.65 new pesos

Haagen-Dazs coffee ice þcream947 milliliters26.90 new pesos Bambino ice cream950 milliliters9.55 new pesos

Lysol toilet bowl þcleaner473 milliliters7.75 new pesos WC Pato500 milliliters6.95 new pesos

Source: Advertising Age International

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