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Advertising Age editors perused information on mounds of toys that will be on exhibit this week at Toy Fair 2000 in New York City's Javits Center. Here's a look at some of them:

Amazing Live Sea-Monkeys PenQuarium

Educational Insights

This Sea-Monkey aquarium is an ink pen with light that is designed to be carried in a pocket.

Hector Detector


Remain still until the clock runs out. If you can't, the motion sensor toy detects your movement. It also makes wisecracks to distract you. "Watch out! A big spider is about to crawl up your leg!"

Makeup Mindy


The doll comes with a blow dryer that magically changes her hair color, and a beauty tool that, when chilled, adds color to her lips and nails.

Finger Forces

Tiger Electronics

Electronic finger puppets are fighting action figures with built-in sound effects. Choose from Pokemon, Star Wars and Batman characters.


Tiger Electronics

An animatronic that-with the aid of infrared transmissions-moves its eyes, antenna and mouth when it speaks. When its scared or sleepy, it curls up into its shell.

Jungle Jam

Endless Games

Be the first to grab the totem pole when an opponent's turned-up card matches yours. It's not easy. There are confusing similarities with the cards.

Talkin'acha Communicator

Hasbro Inc.

Record a voice message and pass it to a friend's communicator by zapping it through the air or simply touching her.

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