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Mixing elements of "Candid Camera" and reality TV, drivers invited their friends for a drive in a Camry and asked their opinions about the car without revealing that 11 cameras were secretly filming their reactions. The footage was made into seven TV commercials by Conill Advertising, Los Angeles, Saatchi & Saatchi's U.S. Hispanic ad agency. The unscripted dialogues are truly candid, as favorable comments about the car are mixed with spontaneous remarks ("You're driving like my grandmother!"), wrong turns and confusion about measuring speed by converting kilometers to less-familiar miles. One driver's girlfriend, wildly impressed by the Camry's navigation system, shrieks, "We're in a futuristic car!" No actors were used. To find the drivers, nearly 2,000 people were asked if they'd like to be in a commercial, and hundreds were given screen tests. Those selected recruited their unwitting friends.
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