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Girlfriend From Hell
Marketer: Toyota Motor Sales USA
Brand: Tacoma
Title: "Girlfriend"
Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi
This girlfriend from hell attempts to get even with her other half by having his new Toyota Tacoma pickup pushed off a beachside cliff. But, ha ha, the vehicle crashes end over end, down the mountainous incline, to land on its tires without a scratch or even a dirty spot. Yeah, sure.

Sunkist Adventure
Marketer: Dr Pepper/Seven Up
Brand: Sunkist Orange Soda
Title: "Surfing"
Agency: Brand Buzz
Nothing like the sight of a motorcycle crashing full speed through a plate glass window to get you thirsty, right? This spot offers Sunkist drinkers a chance to win a summer adventure. It also drives them to, where they have to only submit all their personal information to enter the contest.

Armpit Terror
Marketer: Gillette
Brand: Right Guard
Title: "Dance"
Agency: BBDO, New York
There's no question that this ad stinks. Using what has become a deodorant commercial cliche, Right Guard shows us 340-pound Baltimore Ravens defensive tackle Tony Siragusa raising his arms to knock out a floor full of dancers. Kind of like a hometown weapon of mass destruction in a gaudy shirt.

Wall Dancers
Marketer: Apple
Brand: iPod
Title: "Wild Posting"
Agency: TBWA/Chiat Day
Simple, joyful and powerfully entertaining, this spot, like the iPod it promotes, hits the perfect note.

Enlightened Interrogator
Marketer: GE
Brand: GE Light Bulbs
Title: "Interrogation"
Agency: BBDO, New York
You never know what a difference a lightbulb can make until you're a cop about to go head to head with a perp in the interrogation room. A very illuminating commercial from GE.

Surviving Shellfish
Marketer: Meridian Medical Technologies
Brand: EpiPen
Title: "Vacation"
Agency: BBDO, New York
This is a direct-to-consumer ad for a drug that enables many to survive the ordeal of eating shellfish. Epipen is for the treatment of potentially life-threatening allergic reactions, such as the one that threatens this little girl's mother when a bumbling restaurant cook slops lobster sauce on her pasta.

Tough Customers
Marketer: Comcast
Brand: Comcast Broadband
Title: "Changes"
Agency: Richards Group
Combining sly humor and incredibly realistic characters, Comcast addresses its reputation for poor customer support head on in this new flock of TV ads. The country's largest cable company wants the world to know that service isn't just improved, it's shockingly good.

Lime Green
Title: "Skeptical Wife"
Agency: DDB, Chicago
A paean to the color lime green as well as the power of advertising, this spot demonstrates how there's a buyer out there somewhere for just about anything. No question, however, that this particular buyer, in his totally green home environment, is a little stranger than most.

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