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As kids begin drafting their Dear Santa letters, Toys "R" Us is ready to help parents of children with disabilities choose toys that promote learning skills as well as deliver a healthy dose of fun.

The latest "Toys 'R' Us Toy Guide for Differently Abled Kids" released last week features more than 60 toys suitable for children with a variety of disabilities. Items range from classics like Lincoln Logs to newer items like Barbie's Jeep 4X4.

Toys "R" Us produced the guide with help from the National Lekotek Center, a non-profit group that promotes play for children with disabilities.

Initially the guide was available only in stores, but last year a mail-order form was inserted and this year 45% of the almost 1 million copies were sent to families on mailing lists maintained by Toys "R" Us, Lekotek and the National Parent Network on Disabilities.


"This fits our mission perfectly because we're trying to make play accessible," said Susan Oliver, director of external affairs for Evanston, Ill.-based Lekotek. "This vastly expands the amount of information we can get out."

In addition to featuring young models, the description of each toy in the catalog includes icons to show parents what skills each toy promotes. The cover shows Doug Flutie and his autistic son, Doug Jr.

"You want to make [kids] feel successful at playing and not frustrated or

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