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Guy: Friends. I got lots of good friends. Oh yeah. There's Miguel, Memo . . . buddies. There's Jorge . . . Jorge is a really good friend . . . that thing about the car I sold him, that'll pass. That's a little setback -- you know about the transmission -- and that can't break up a friendship.

VO: Drink Miller Genuine Draft and win a big screen TV.

Guy: And there's . . . [a long pause] The dude at the corner store, he's a friend. When he sees me, he says hi, we talk, you know, about the prices . . . the weather . . .

VO: And a world championship soccer party for 20 good friends.

Guy: Ah, relatives are like friends. Right? Not on my mother's side of course, 'cause they're a little screwy.

VO: And if you don't have 20 friends? Hey, win the contest and you soon will.

Guy: And Franco, I don't know his last name, but . . . I think he always . . .

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