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Contest #470: We at T.N.T. love the idea of subversion in media-Muzak in supermarkets that contains suggestions to buy bad, expensive foods or subliminal messages tucked into movies that compel you to go buy a bushel of popcorn and a gigaliter of flat Coca-Pepsi-whatever. So we really dig these Sega spots breaking this week that only the plugged-in viewers know have an alternate audio track filled with "Beavis & Butt-head" bathroom humor. Just press the appropriate button on your remote control. Who's next? T.N.T.ers: Come up with the next marketer to include an alternate audio track in their ads.

And now for the results of Contest #466: We asked you for the next venerable ad icon to appear in a cross-promotion with another advertiser, a la the Trix Rabbit and milk marketers:

First Prize: Wonderbra introduces its newest product, the Wonderbra Bikini, with a little assistance from Disney's The Little Mermaid. Ads feature that local mermaid, wearing a Wonderbra Bikini sporting her trademark seashell pattern, swimming among her friends, all of whom are taken aback by the mermaid's new look. Tagline: "The Wonderbra Bikini. For those times when you feel like being more than just The Little Mermaid." Janet Label-Faso, managing director-corporate communications, and Matthew Brunder, leasing associate, National Realty Development, Purchase, N.Y.

Second Prize: The Marlboro Man teams up with Trojan condoms for an infomercial that airs over the unregulated Internet (take that, FCC!) and features a promiscuous Marlboro Man enjoying a good smoke after sex with various women. The Marlboro/Trojan partnership includes the launching of a new magazine, Poke n' Smoke, to make sure media planners have a place to put their ad dollars. Mike Duda, assistant account exec, Hutchins/ Young & Rubicam, Rochester, N.Y.

Third Prize: Pop n' Fresh, Pillsbury Doughboy and Jenny Craig tie into the film "Stuart Smalley Saves His Family." The perfect synergy of compulsive eating, snackertainment and exercise. Phil Frankenfeld, free-lance writer, Milwaukee.

Honorable Intentions: Mr. Clean for the Hair Club For Men. Jerry Grasso, PR associate, and Khris Kesling, associate creative director, Paige Hendricks PR, Fort Worth, Texas.

Entries for Contest #470 must be sent by May 29. Send entries to T.N.T. Contest #470, Advertising Age, 6500 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 2300, Los Angeles, Calif. 90048, or fax them to (213) 655-8157. Please include, legibly, your name, title, company, address and daytime phone number on the sheet with your entry. Users of the online Prodigy service can file T.N.T. entries to Ad Age through the Prodigy Bulletin Board. Top three winners win T.N.T.-shirts. Entries become property of Ad Age and cannot be returned.

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