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Contest #469: Poor Dennis Fung, the latest casualty in the shooting gallery of character assassination that is the O.J. Simpson murder trial. Once upon a time, Mr. Fung was an ambitious, spirited police scientist, the lead collector of blood, guts and evidence in the Murder of the Century. But that was before Mr. Simpson's vicious pack of legal wolverines completed their spiritual disembowelment of Mr. Fung, spilling his credibility and self-respect across TV screens everywhere. Hold your head up, Mr. Fung, help is on the way. T.N.T.ers: create an image makeover campaign for Dennis Fung.

Making Saturdays safe for comedy

And now for the results of Contest #465: we asked you for the next way NBC can revamp "Saturday Night Live" and you sent us these Not Ready for Prime Time responses:

First Prize: Just show reruns of the first 10 years. Steve Shanko, writer, Shaker Heights, Ohio.

Second Prize: Scrap the first sketch, change the opening to "Live, from Los Angeles, it's `Saturday Night Live!'*" then cut straight to the O.J. Simpson trial. It's funnier. Joel Barnard, copywriter, EvansGroup, Denver, Colorado.

Third Prize: NBC announces an entirely updated cast consisting of former "SNL" regulars who have skyrocketed to greater stardom only to come crashing back to earth with a dismal thud. See Eddie Murphy's brand new "Forrest Gumby"; thrill as Chevy Chase makes absolutely no effort to mimic Bill Clinton; gape in disbelief as Martin Short still is Katherine Hepburn; and applaud as Joe Piscopo returns to the role that made him famous-Mr. Murphy's sidekick. Jack Huber, proofreader, Kingswood Advertising, Ardmore, Pa.

Entries for Contest #469 must be sent by May 15. Send entries to T.N.T. Contest #469, Advertising Age, 6500 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 2300, Los Angeles, Calif. 90048, or fax them to (213) 655-8157. Please include, legibly, your name, title, company, address and daytime phone number on the sheet with your entry. Users of the online Prodigy service can file T.N.T. entries to Ad Age through the Prodigy Bulletin Board. Top three winners win T.N.T.-shirts. Entries become property of Ad Age and cannot be returned.

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