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Contest #467: We've seen burger battles and cola clashes in the ad realm, but we've yet to see spiritual warfare-until now. It's a most devilish category conflict: churches tug-of-warring for unrepentant souls. Lutherans and Mormons, Episcopalians and Presbyterians are putting their faith and offering dollars into advertising. Now the Pope is leading his flock into the marketing wilderness of the World Wide Web to lure the unforgiven and their sinfully untithed wages. We're waiting for an All You Can Eat Communion Buffet promotion. T.N.T.ers: Come up with the next religious group to win new souls with a marketing campaign.

Only on live TV

And now for the results of Contest #463: we asked you for the next cut-throat anti-ambush marketing tactic employed by the Olympics. Who'd have thought the director of marketing for the International Olympic Committee was a T.N.T. groupie.

First Prize: Any company convicted of parasite marketing activities would have to attend a public induction into the Olympic Hall of Shame, and/or "Wanted for Parasite Marketing Activities" posters carrying the picture of the guilty company's CEO will be plastered all over Atlanta and on international TV. Michael Payne, IOC marketing director, Lausanne, Switzerland.

Ed: Gee, Mike, lighten up. It's only a T.N.T. t-shirt.

Second Prize: "Ride the coattails of our sponsors and you'll end up with some bloody shins" is the slogan of the 1996 Atlanta Olympics Anti-Ambushing Committee. Minister of parasite punishment, Tonya Harding, threatens to send a goon armed with a lead pipe to your office if you even think of ambushing. Jon Volpe, staff professional, Burson-Marsteller, New York.

Third Prize: Olympic Ambushers Beware! The IOC has announced that unauthorized Atlanta Olympic marketers will become the personal servants of Georgia's favorite son, Newt Gingrich, if caught ambushing. The length of service will be commensurate with the severity of the violation. Bruce Ellerstein, account exec, Sierra: The Magazine of the Sierra Club, New York.

Honorable Intentions: The price for ambushing: organizing the 2000 Summer Olympics. Howard Cherkimian, PR counsel, Bender, Browning, Dolby & Sanderson, Milwaukee; Two words: Human Hurdles. Phil Frankenfeld, free-lance writer, Milwaukee.

Entries for Contest #467 must be received by May 1. Send entries to T.N.T. Contest #467, Advertising Age, 6500 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 2300, Los Angeles, Calif. 90048, or fax them to (213) 655-8157. Please include, legibly, your name, title, company, address and daytime telephone number on the sheet with your entry. Top three winners receive T.N.T.-shirts. Entries become property of Ad Age and cannot be returned.

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