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The Nell you say

Contest #461: As Gump-isms go the way of all stale chocolate, what's T.N.T. see settling in? From our backwoods catbird seat, Nell-speak catches our ears. The movie stars Jodie Foster as a barefoot woman who benignly butchers the English language worse than a teen-ager with a mouth full of gum. So be our "ga'inja" (that's guardian angel in Nell-speak) and tell T.N.T. the next marketer to make Jodie Foster's Nell as popular as Bubba Gump shrimp.

Hollywood drives home the point

And now for the results of Contest #457: We asked you for the next automaker to enlist Hollywood talent for marketing help and you offered:

First Prize: Martin Scorsese directs "The Last Temptation of Chrysler," a one-minute drama depicting the struggle of an American automaker to compete with those wiley foreigners without cutting back on minor, almost impossible to detect safety features. All ends well as a savior arises in the form of the hot yet practical Neon. Jack Huber, proofreader, Kingswood Advertising, Ardmore, Pa.

Second Prize: Honda, reeling from its decision to spend its entire Super Bowl ad budget in the waning two minutes of a blowout, will return with a takeoff on the movie "Two-Minute Warning." In Honda's version, a crazed adman with an assault rifle begins gunning down everyone who leaves the game early. Jeff Walter, president, Vital Communications, Lexington, Ky.

Third Prize: "The Jerky Boys" pitch Plymouth Neon. TV spots feature them sitting in a Neon outside the competition's showroom making crank calls on a car phone. "Listen up, jerky, does your car have dual airbags and standard ABS like Neon?" "" says a bewildered sales rep seen in the background. I didn't think so, tough guy!" As the rep runs out the door after them they cackle, high-five and peel away. Bill Kelly, recent college grad, Annandale, N.J.

Entries for Contest #461 must be sent by March 13. Send entries to T.N.T. Contest #461, Advertising Age, 6500 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 2300, Los Angeles, Calif., 90048, or fax them to (213) 655-8157. Please include, legibly, your name, title, company, address and daytime phone number on the sheet with your entry. Users of the online Prodigy service can file T.N.T. entries to Ad Age through the Prodigy Bulletin Board. Top three winners win T.N.T.-shirts. Entries become property of Ad Age and cannot be returned.

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