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Death of mass market/Rise of niche markets. Consumers no longer simply buy into the mass, but want tailored solutions or products in almost every industry/category including advertising, entertainment, electronics, publishing and food and beverage.

Do it yourself. From clothing to home decor, consumers looking to personalize and define themselves and their spaces are turning to the Internet, specialty publications and marketers that provide the instructions and materials.

Power of design. While designers have been saying this for years, and consumers now care about the aesthetics of products, the business world seems finally to be getting on board with leaders like Target, Apple and Samsung, already out in front.

Obesity. Not all trends are cool and while this one is not new, it continues to have a significant impact on not only the food and beverage industries, but any lifestyle brand that accommodates people such as clothing retailers, airlines, automakers and the entire health-care industry.

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