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1949 "Famous Jury Trials": A courtroom drama of actual trials that aired on the now defunct DuMont Television Network.

1957 "Perry Mason": CBS' hallmark courtroom dramatic series starring Raymond Burr.

1958 "Divorce Court": Storer Programs' low-budget syndicated series that re-created actual divorce trials in the Los Angeles Domestic Relations Court.

1965 "Trials of O'Brien": CBS drama starring Peter Falk as a flamboyant lawyer with domestic problems.

1967 "Judd for the Defense": ABC drama about a larger-than-life lawyer.

1970 "Storefront Lawyers": Hourlong CBS series about a group of young attorneys emphasizing pro bono law.

1970 "Famous Jury Trials": A syndicated TV revival of the old DuMont series produced by 20th Century Fox.

1973 "The New Adventures of Perry Mason": CBS' ill-fated attempt to revive the classic sans Raymond Burr.

1974 "Judgment Series": ABC docudrama series about critical trials in modern history.

1978 "The Paper Chase": CBS' dramatic series about the trials of first year law students.

1981 "People's Court": Warner Bros.' half-hour syndicated series that inspired the reality court genre.

1984 "Night Court": NBC sitcom set in a Manhattan courtroom.

1984 "Divorce Court": Blair Entertainment's revival of the successful 1950s and '60s syndicated series.

1985 "Perry Mason Returns": NBC's TV reunion movie starring Raymond Burr, which evolved into a series of TV movies called the "Perry Mason Mysteries."

1986 "L.A. Law": NBC ensemble drama about a prestigious Los Angeles law firm.

1986 "The Judge": Half-hour syndicated series of fictional accounts of Family Court cases.

1986 "Superior Court": Warner Bros.' half-hour syndicated series that re-enacted real-life cases with actors for litigants and lawyers.

1990 "Law & Order": NBC's two-tier cop/court drama. First half focuses on police, second half on courtroom.

1990 In Court: Cablevision Systems' precursor to Court TV.

1990 American Courtroom Network: Time Warner and American Lawyer Media's precursor to Court TV.

1991 Courtroom Television Network (Court TV): The flagship legal TV brand owned jointly by Cablevision, NBC, Time Warner and American Lawyer Media.

1991 "Verdict": Prime-time CBS News program derived from actual courtroom news footage.

1994 "Jones & Jury": Group W's half-hour syndicated series that uses a live studio audience as the jury.

1994 "Judge for Yourself": Buena Vista Television's 1-hour syndicated series that combines talk show and courtroom elements.

1994 "Court TV: Inside America's Courts": Courtroom Television Network and New Line Television's syndicated weekly half-hour series. Expanding to a weekday strip in fall 1995.

1995 "Juvenile Justice": Genesis Entertainment's syndicated series focusing on actual juvenile court trials.

1995 "Murder One": One-hour dramatic series focusing each season on a single murder trial. Optioned to ABC.

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